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MetSwift is the winner of Insurance Insider’s Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Underwriting, Tech & Innovation Awards, 2019: Described as ‘gamechanging’, the weather and peril risk software is powered by proprietary algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence. MetSwift is the leading light in UK weather risk innovation. Underwriters are able to access prediction models forecasting risk 14 days to 5 years in advance, in seconds, developed in collaboration and consultation with the insurance industry.

In Lloyd's of London, the MetSwift platform is enabling underwriters to instantly access highly intelligent insight from the world's most comprehensive and accurate data analytics: Informing newly consistent, visible premium setting.

For more information on MetSwift, visit their website.


James Banasik
James Banasik CEO MetSwift
Phil Crookall
Phil Crookall Commercial Advisor MetSwift
Mel  Deakin
Mel Deakin Head of Sales MetSwift
Joseph France
Joseph France Head of Data Science MetSwift
Dave Parratt
Dave Parratt COO MetSwift