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Gossmann & Cie.


Gossmann  & Cie. | The Liability Management Company

Gossmann & Cie. Group provides holistic and data-intuitive solutions for the management of insurance risk-related liabilities. The liability specialist supports financial institutions, insurers, intermediaries, and institutional investors by structuring, managing, and assuming risks and entities with the aim to refine their portfolios and to optimize their capital base. Gossmann & Cie. offers balance sheet resilience and execution on a highly flexible digital platform. The company foundation is a growing team of senior experts, deep combined (re)structuring and underwriting know-how, a wide network, and strong performance discipline.


Joanna Aquilina
Joanna Aquilina CEO Gossmann & Cie. Insurance PCC Ltd.
Vanda Giannara
Vanda Giannara Head of Markets, Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives Gossmann & Cie. Group
Arndt Gossmann
Arndt Gossmann Group CEO Gossmann & Cie. Group
Patrick Riecken
Patrick Riecken Head of Portfolio Management Gossmann & Cie. Insurance PCC Ltd.